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Davide Bartolucci
I was born in Treviso, Italy, in 1974.

I have worked in communications and new media since 1994. I grew up professionally in the world of brand identity, uniting in an ever-converging way my multidisciplinary experiences of authorship (I am also a songwriter) and broadcasting (as founder of one of the first web radio stations), which have been from the very beginning linked to the development of the Internet.

Between 1998 and 2003, first as a designer and then as digital project manager, I was part of the Giocometti Associati branding agency creative team, who were responsible for, among others, the corporate communication of Benetton and Aprilia. Those were the years of the new economy and I had the chance to work on digital strategies and e-commerce project identity for Arthur Andersen and Deloitte Consulting.

As a specialist in branding and new forms of entertainment, I first founded Design Associati and MACRAME’, companies specialized in integrated communication, and then I joined H-FARM in 2006 as a senior manager of H-Art, the leading digital agency in the Italian market.

From June 2007, still within Riccardo Donadon’s incubator, I became co-founder and CEO of SHADO, the start-up aimed at the Internet TV market, branded content and monetization of digital media properties.

In my free time… I am among the venture partners who participate in evaluating H-Farm’s new start-ups, especially those in field of media, and I monitor some of the new founders in their first few months of incubation.

I have always believed that passion is not what successful cases have in common, but it is rather an indecipherable mix of motivation, goals and instinct. Today this kind of physical demand, impossible to ignore, is the engine behind everything I love doing.


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