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The best beginning

Ok, here we go, in black & white, exactly the opposite of today’s TV, something that we can no longer define as a magic box because it is the very disappearance of its physical limits that people are talking about more and more nowadays.

They are talking about it today in San Francisco, on New Tee Vee Live ’09, where the theme is “The Year of TV Everywhere“.

While I shake off the ever-pleasant Californian jet lag, I am getting ready for a shot of adrenaline which these contexts, like few others, can inject. 

I was here last year too, and all in all, not long has passed since the previous edition though enough to change more than just details…

We were fascinated by Anthony E. Zuiker’s speech, bursting with instinct and clear vision. In these months he has managed to convey his extraordinary popularity (with CSI) into one of the most innovative products to appear on the market: LEVEL26;

Lucas Cruikshank, aka FRED, was presented as an Internet star, a freak 2.0, capable of attracting around 30 million hits on YouTube. Fred’s audience has more than doubled but he has learned to gain from it and Hollywood is about to dedicate a feature film to him;

Greg Goodfried of EQAL related how a format and communities have really started to become one single thing, because a few months later he launched new concept shows able to extend the popularity of TV channels (CBS with Harper’s Globe), celebrities (Paula Deen with Get Cookin’) and publishers (Dutton/Penguin Group with LEVEL 26);

In the studio together with Tommaso Tessarolo of Current TV, and then walking around the magnificent city metabolizing the barriers of trans-media, with every step we were more convinced that the future is first intuited (as we were doing) and then guided with patience, because we were speaking about television, entertainment, pop culture.

Thus comparing that moment with today I like to think about the road we have travelled, launching a brave brand new format (FRAMMENTI, created by SHADO and LOG607, which in those very days we were dreaming about putting on Current Italia), with CIRKUS recruiting great new TV ideas and would-be “multi-platform celebrities”, but, most of all, starting to understand with numbers and real-life experiences (together with the staff) just how much the balance between what the public likes and what it can actually take counts. Transforming the new spaces that digital media can create into new “prime time slots” is not an easy undertaking, and certainly not an instant process.

Today seems like the right moment to inaugurate these pages and narrate the story of a voyage, to note significant stimuli in a scenario where know-how has a more determining role than ever.

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