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The talents of these times

We have survived 10 coast-to-coast days in the US, a tour de force made up of business meetings, chatting with multidisciplinary creative people and immersion in places where almost anything can be “tagged” as “entertainment”.

Today more than ever, I am convinced that first defining and then knowing how to recognize talent, is a real process that has to impose a model of rationality on instinct.

When we launched CIRKUS (an online competition for new Internet TV formats) we were aware that a priceless value travels on the net, made up of bits of intuition, sometimes it is creativity, sometimes the simple necessity to communicate, but it is something other than what we already know about contribution, sharing and collaboration.

All this intellectual worth becomes valuable only when organized and helped to emerge.

I am more and more convinced that television and entertainment will find equilibrium on the net only after a whole chain is able to cope with the technological and social evolution in progress.

After 5 months of competition, in just a few days we will announced the 10 winning projects, an exciting selection and a journey that allowed us to meet the authors in their contexts.

On this trip, first virtual then physical, we haven’t just discovered value, from Hollywood to New York it is not things that amaze us, but people capable of reading these times through the right filters. Whoever has had something to do with a place of creativity knows how much an author, perhaps understandably so, risks in letting the feeling of authorship prevail over the decisive choices, so that the right idea can triumph.

On this trip between different social and professional walks of life, we have touched a market where people constantly put themselves at stake, they have no fear of daring and, above all, they put their ideas first, even before themselves.

When we talk about opportunity, in the US, we are talking about this attitude, this fantastic form of constructive trust which, together, we will do our utmost to transform into success.

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